5 Party Snacks for Oscar Night

Show your movie-loving spirit with these five
crowd-pleasing snacks and appetizers. 

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Why create your own charcuterie board, when you can bring in your very own plates and we can easily do it for you? At Gastronomie 491, we offer a delicious selection of high-quality cured meats including but not limited to Prosciutto di Parma Riserva Black Label (24 months), Speck, Parmacotto,  and Jambon de Paris, Finocchiona Salame -- something for everyone!


Pair an award-winning night with award winning cheese. Our fromage platters offer a mix of handcrafted cheeses including Pecorino Toscano, Garrotxa, Pecorino Sardo, Manchego, Landaff, Comte, and Stilton. Grab fresh filone bread from our Bakery and honeycomb from our Market department for a showstopping cheese board.


What's a movie night without popcorn? Our funkychunky is made with non-GMO popcorn, real butter, brown sugar, and the perfect mix of gooey caramel, sea salt and salted cashew pieces, before being drizzled in milk and dark chocolate. Find this decadent snack in our Market section! 

Entertain your guests with a Mediterranean flair! Casual and perfect for sharing, our mezze platter uses the freshest vegetables, house-made tzatziki, hummus, muhammara
red pepper walnut spread, premium kalamata olives, and fresh laffa bread for your friends and family to enjoy. 

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Beautifully decadent pastries is what every glamorous night needs! At our Pastry counter, we carry a wide selection of individual and miniature pastries and fruit tarts which includes: creme brulee, chocolate mousse, strawberry and chocolate cheesecake, fruit tarts and traditional Italian pastries such as Napoleon, cannoli and Tiramisu. Complete selection available upon request. Pastries also available in cake size. 

Game Day Favorite Snacks


Athens Sandwich

Athens Sandwich

Gastronomie 491 Mediterranean Sandwich Platter is perfect for any party!  

Select up to 3 signature sandwiches on ciabatta and multigrain bread.
Athens: herb roasted chicken, feta cheese, bibb lettuce, tomato, tzatziki;
Marseille: Albacore tuna fish, black olive tapenade, tomato, hardboiled egg;
Parma: prosciutto di Parma, shaved parmigiano, arugula, extra virgin olive oil;
Liguria: fresh mozzarella, plum tomato, arugula, pesto


Tierra Farm Organic Roasted Cajun - Spiced Cashews
 A blend of cayenne, chili powder, and sea salt, spice up the day with this easy to eat snack! 




Xochitl Chips
Xochitl’s Premium White Corn Chips are delectable and addicting! Premium Blue’s favorite sibling, once again, as wholesome as they come and still delightfully thin and crispy.


Sixpoint's  The Crisp
What do you get when you fuse old world craftmanship with new clean, bold flavors from the right raw materials? The Crisp. 

Stonewall Kitchen Mild Tomato Salsa
 Coarsely chopped in the tradition of authentic Mexican salsas, our Stonewall Kitchen Mild Salsa is full of texture and overflowing with flavor. The tomato base is highlighted with bits of onions and peppers, a hint of cilantro and lime, then accented by subtle jalapeno ending for an extra flavorful, yet mild tasting salsa. 



7 Products For Your Healthiest Year Ever

Scroll to learn about the 7 products and dishes that are healthy and tasty enough to make you feel like a million bucks this year. 

Our beef barley soup is loaded with vegetables, chunks of tender beef, and rich black barley. Sure, you could treat this soup as an appetizer, but you'll find that it's hearty enough to be considered a one-dish meal. 

Detox from 2016 with a tea that is filled with a bounty of herbal goodness! Pukka’s Cleanse blends nettle leaf, dandelion root, fennel seed, peppermint and aloe vera for a tea that will soothe inflammation and help rid free radicals from the body. 

Just because you're on a health kick doesn't mean you need to say bye-bye to chocolate. Chocolat Bonnat is made with Grand Cru Cocoa and contains absolutely no sugar. This is chocolate in its purest, most decadent form and is packed with enough antioxidants and full-bodied flavor to satisfy any sweet tooth cravings you might have.

Roasted and hand-packed in the Bronx, these spiced chickpeas ingeniously showcase the legume's nutty flavor and crispy texture. If you are fan of soy nuts but want that extra crunchiness, we may have found your new favorite snack! 

Citruses are in season, and we have a whole shelf in our produce case dedicated to them! Shipped fresh from the Bronx each week, pick-up juicy oranges and red ruby grapefruits to fight off that winter cold or brighten up your meals. 

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We love a good leafy salad that fills you up. Our Kale Salad does just this! After massaging mounds of fresh kale, we sprinkle in Italian pine nuts, chopped fennel, cranberries and a light dash of lemon and olive oil dressing. Hearty, sweet and savory, try this extremely flavorful and satisfying salad at our Prepared Foods counter.  

Similar to Greek yogurt, skyr is thick and super smooth in texture but has a milder tang. Founded by two Scandinavians, Norr Skyr uses traditional yogurt-making techniques, live cultures, organic local milk and Nordic ingredients to create this latest protein and calcium-packed dairy snack. 

The Newest Summer Products!

Dig into these new summer products
before the season is over!


Vine ripened California sun-dried tomatoes distinguish this rich, robust pesto. Use it for topping on bruschetta or  toss with fresh penne, 



Columbus Craft Meats makes its finocchiona with whole cuts of pork never treated with antibiotics, fresh garilc, sherry wine and wild fennel seeds that add a mellow aroma and taste. Slow aged for up to 90 days depending on size. This recipe with a delicate flavor won the Good Food Award in 2013 for Best Charcuterie. 



L’Epicurien’s preserved lemons are little citrons beldis from Egypt. Although citrons beldis are small in size, they are fabulously flavorful and have a powerful aroma.  Using only their peels, we recommend serving them with tagines, lemon chicken, oven-baked fish and other recipes from the Middle East. 


Olivar de Luna olive oil is drawn exclusively from Santa Casilda estate grown olives, located in the Los Pedroches forest in the heart of the Sierra Morena in Córdoba. The main variety used is called the Nevadillo Blanco, an olive native to the region that has a pleasing fruity affect with a spicy, tangy finish -- an attribute preferred by Spainards. 



Gazpacho is a famous refreshing Spanish beverage made from crushed, raw vegetables and savory condiments.

Made in the Southeast region of Spain, Arteoliva uses only the simplest and freshest ingredients to create this extraordinary product: fresh tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, sherry vinegar and a touch of salt. Read to be drunk, enjoy this traditional Spanish beverage while soaking in the sun! 

Hear It From Our Staff: Their Favorite Products

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Melissa - Cheese Counter
"If I could, I would eat Fermin's Iberico Dry Cured Chorizo every day! It's traditional, high-quality and goes with everything --- especially Spanish and Basque cheeses."

Gee - Retail/Produce
"All of our Grab & Go fruit. all of them taste so fresh and sweet. And we have a nice selection... Where I'm from, I used to have a big, BIG backyard with fruit, so it reminds me a little bit of BEING back home. "

GabE - Quick Service Counter/Gelato 
"Besides the gelato? I would say the Napoli -- It's like the better version of a Chicken Parm. It also reminds me of the food I used to eat when I was growing up on the Upper West Side. "

"All the pastries. But really? my favorite is the viennese cheesecake. IT'S Not too sweet, and it's really rich and creamy."

Michelle - Shift Leader at Gastronome 491 Turnstyle 
"Ohhh! The Manhattan with bacon! Or the Kale Salad. Or the Brussels Sprout Salad. Put down the Tuna (in the Marseille)."

G491_Edited_Delivery Menu_Liguria_WS.jpg

Asun - Gastronome 491 Cafe 
"The Liguria. the pesto on it is really good."  

Tess - Business Development
"The Roast Beef. It was one of the first things I tried here, and it is always seasoned and cooked to perfection."

Elana - The Cheese Counter/Gastronomie 491 Cafe
"I really like the Raspberry Hazelnut Bar because it's unique and I've never seen it anywhere before. I also like that it's not too sweet and the hazelnut isn't too overpowering .I have one almost every day."

I like the salmon. The grilled salmon because I really don't like too much spice. I like when you are able to just taste the fish or the ingredients. it'S with our carrots!"

Mom-Approved Favorites


New to Our Dessert menu and Just in Time for mother' day:
Gastronomie 491's Brioche con gelato.

 Delectably crispy and warm BRIOCHE on the outside WITH smooth, creamy gelato on the inside, This customizable italian ice cream sandwich IS just the thing to satisfy your mom's sweet tooth after

Fruit Jams

With the lofty goal of becoming one of the best "Artisans of Taste", Master Jam Maker Bernard Le Gulvout opened L'Epicurien in 1982 in Languedoc-Roussillon, the center of France's fruit production region. 

To this day, Le Gulvout sources and slow-cooks small batches of fruits and vegetables for his expansive line of confit, jams and spreads. 

Enjoy Le Gulvout's incredibly deep and flavorful line of jams with any dish or at any occasion. 


This wonderful assortment of French chocolates gives your Mother the opportunity to taste 12 of Richart's best-selling Petits chocolates while enjoying Richarts new limited edition "The Bond" bonbons. 

"The Bond" is Michel Richart's tribute to all Moms and the bond that is shared between her and her children. This new, limited edition chocolate creation deliciously elicits the feeling of comfort and joy with the bonbons' beautiful blend of raspberry and rose ganache. 


For the mom who loves to throw a party, these elegant set of 20 triple-ply floral cocktail napkins are just the thing to set the mood.

Each napkin features vibrant poppies and magnolias, printed on a cream colored background. 



Lemon Melts

A zesty, melt-in-your-mouth textured lemon biscuit is the genius complement to the rich, sweet blanket of white chocolate. Without a doubt, this is Island Bakery's most loved creation and is sure to be your mother's favorite as well! 


Kubli Candies.JPG



Founded by Jacques Kubli (fondly nicknamed "Monsieur Bonbon"), the Kubli family has been creating candy in Paris since 1900. 

the Kubli family continues to craft a range of high-quality candies in a variety of colors and shapes, drawing inspiration from Jacques Kubli's cherished recipes and Swiss confectionery tradition. 

Find Kubli's orange lemon and raspberry bonbons in our market. 




 Procured from premier anis regions in Europe and the Middle East, Enjoy the warm, piquant flavor of anise in over ten different natural flavors, including blackcurrant, lemon, and violet.