7 Products For Your Healthiest Year Ever

Scroll to learn about the 7 products and dishes that are healthy and tasty enough to make you feel like a million bucks this year. 

Our beef barley soup is loaded with vegetables, chunks of tender beef, and rich black barley. Sure, you could treat this soup as an appetizer, but you'll find that it's hearty enough to be considered a one-dish meal. 

Detox from 2016 with a tea that is filled with a bounty of herbal goodness! Pukka’s Cleanse blends nettle leaf, dandelion root, fennel seed, peppermint and aloe vera for a tea that will soothe inflammation and help rid free radicals from the body. 

Just because you're on a health kick doesn't mean you need to say bye-bye to chocolate. Chocolat Bonnat is made with Grand Cru Cocoa and contains absolutely no sugar. This is chocolate in its purest, most decadent form and is packed with enough antioxidants and full-bodied flavor to satisfy any sweet tooth cravings you might have.

Roasted and hand-packed in the Bronx, these spiced chickpeas ingeniously showcase the legume's nutty flavor and crispy texture. If you are fan of soy nuts but want that extra crunchiness, we may have found your new favorite snack! 

Citruses are in season, and we have a whole shelf in our produce case dedicated to them! Shipped fresh from the Bronx each week, pick-up juicy oranges and red ruby grapefruits to fight off that winter cold or brighten up your meals. 

kale salad.JPG

We love a good leafy salad that fills you up. Our Kale Salad does just this! After massaging mounds of fresh kale, we sprinkle in Italian pine nuts, chopped fennel, cranberries and a light dash of lemon and olive oil dressing. Hearty, sweet and savory, try this extremely flavorful and satisfying salad at our Prepared Foods counter.  

Similar to Greek yogurt, skyr is thick and super smooth in texture but has a milder tang. Founded by two Scandinavians, Norr Skyr uses traditional yogurt-making techniques, live cultures, organic local milk and Nordic ingredients to create this latest protein and calcium-packed dairy snack.