New to the Market!


Sea Salt & Bourbon Vanilla Goat Milk Caramels

Raspberry Rhubarb  Goat Milk Caramels

Big Picture Farm's creamy and delicious Sea Salt & Bourbon Vanilla caramels put Big Picture Farm on the map! This Vermont-based, caramel maker received the prestigious gold sofi at the Specialty Food's Fancy Food Show in 2012 for its savory caramel, and now the company's Raspberry Rhubarb caramel has been named the Most Outstanding New Product of 2015. 

The caramels are individually wrapped in Big Picture Farm's beautiful, farm-designed film and have been placed in a natural and recyclable, US-milled farm box. Find these caramels in the Sweets section of our market. 


Single-Estate & Blended Teas

In 1692, King Louis XIV granted Sieur Daman the exclusive privilege of selling tea in France. Since then, Damman Frères has become an acclaimed and legendary tea house: once supplying Compagnie Generale Transatlantique (also known as the "French Line", a famous and prestigious shipping company), and continuing to push the envelope of quality and tradition today by crafting new flavors that showcase the hidden flavors and aromas of its single-estate and blended premium tea leaves.

Delight in this flavorful tea line by choosing from green, black and herbal tea infusions. 


His passion for desserts began after Jawea founder, Mike Rosenthal, tasted water ice (similar to Italian ices) while growing up in Philadelphia. Rosenthal  modernized this nostalgic food memory by creating a dairy-free, vegan, coconut cream-based frozen dessert line with authentic flavors inspired by his adventures across the globe, including Latin America and Southeast Asia.